A full day to discover Hanoi’s treasure


Recently, many young groups in Hanoi have organized a “night trip” to experience the beauty of every moment of the Capital.

The memories associated with this place

Back after more than 4 months away, I played a Hanoi tourist to see the familiar city from a different perspective. I have lived in Hanoi for nearly 4 years, the time is not too long but enough to understand and love this place. For me, Hanoi is my second home.

Wherever I went, I could not forget my friends, the memories associated with this place … could not forget the afternoons watching the sunset on Long Bien Bridge, forgetting the scent of milk flowers, old town, Ho Guom, and glass of hot tea in winter days.

Hanoi is noisy, boisterous and bustling. But Hanoi is just beautiful, idyllic, and dear, maybe few people recognize it. Maybe because you have never once arrived and they (who live here) are not far from Hanoi. Not far from the suffocating atmosphere now, not far from the scent of milk flower nose, not far from the Northern cold … these things are too familiar to be hard to remember, hard to find beautiful, hard to love.

It can be said that it is hard to find a place in this country like Hanoi. It is difficult for any city to have both the poetic features of Da Lat, the bustle of Saigon and the ancient features of Hue and Hoi An…

If you’ve never been to Hanoi before, spend a few days visiting this city! And before that, let’s go to Hanoi bush tour for a day with me through this article.

To travel to Hanoi for 1 day, I will advance a schedule for you to consult, although not complete but also help you feel somewhat about life, people, and sights of Hanoi

– 6h: You can walk around the hotel to find a row of Pho, bun cha for breakfast. After finding a cafe or ice tea shop to drink a cup of “Northern tea”, it is good for digestion.

– 8:00 am: Depart from the hotel to visit Uncle Ho’s mausoleum (tomb closed on Monday and Friday). If you miss Hanoi on these two days, you can go around and take a picture and circle to the back to visit One Pillar Pagoda. Note that you will have to send the car as well as register to visit the tomb at the back door, on Ngoc Ha street.

– 9h30: Leaving One Pillar Pagoda to the Temple of Literature, about 1km away (you can ask the people or the guards if there is no map).

– 17h30: After visiting all the big places before you return to the hotel to bathe, have dinner.

– 20:00: In the evening you have some options. Go to the night market if you stay at the weekend (from Friday to Sunday). The market is quite crowded and sells souvenirs, miscellaneous items, most of them come from China. Besides, there are also some second hand and handmade items.

Or you can ride a bike or ride a motorbike to Long Bien bridge, windy, sit and drink lemon tea on the bridge, watching Hanoi at night. In addition, you can also drink lemon tea on Ly Quoc Su’s Cathedral Street (opposite section of the Cathedral).

corner in old city hanoi

If you are in Hanoi longer than 1 day, spend the first day to follow the schedule above, so you have gone all the places around Hanoi already. On the second day you can go to other tourist destinations near Hanoi such as Bat Trang pottery village, Duong Lam ancient village (the oldest village in Vietnam), Tay Thien Truc Lam Thien Vien and Tam Dao (should stay 1 day here), Ba Vi National Park or Co Loa Citadel.

These places should go during the day, except Tay Thien Truc Lam Thien Vien and Tam Dao should stay. There are other places you go and go to Hanoi in the evening. I think after the first day, you should go to Bat Trang pottery village first, then the next day can visit Tay Thien Truc Lam Thien Vien & Tam Dao (this place is very beautiful).

Hanoi at night is not as exciting as Saigon

People here have a habit of going to bed before 23:00. But if you want to see another Hanoi: no more noisy, no honking, only a quiet night on the empty roads … then you can go find.

There are many students in Hanoi who often organize night trips, I find it very interesting because it will give you another view of this city. However, if you go at night, you should bring identification. hanoi by nightThe Hanoi people are happy to drink coffee and hot tea, but Hanoi people like to drink coffee and hot tea, but often sit for a long time to discuss their work, not for refreshment like in Saigon.

Hanoi people like to drink coffee and hot tea, but often sit for a long time to discuss their work, not for refreshment like in Saigon.


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