Bay Mau coconut forest


Bay Mau coconut forest (Cam Thanh, Hoi An) is an attractive eco-tourism destination. The forest is known as “mini Southern Vietnam in Hoi An” with the green space of thousands of coconut trees, stretching to Cua Dai. This is also the convergence of three major rivers Thu Bon, Truong Giang and De Vong, creating a beautiful river view in the spacious space of nature.

History of the Bay Mau coconut forest

Since the French Resistance period, the coconut forest in Hoi An has become a revolutionary base, protected and sheltered for many officials of the Party Committee and Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee in the attacks of the enemy. Although the enemy has damaged the forest heavily but with vigorous vitality, the coconut palms grew green again. However, the local guerrillas were relying on coconut trees, causing losses to the enemy. On the night of September 27, 1964, the people of Cam Thanh rose for the uprising. With the diversionary attack by using the coconut guns, the military scrambled the civil defense post, captured a platoon, declared the full liberation of Cam Thanh. The Bay Mau forest of Hoi An has become famous as a historical landmark.

In the anti-American period, around the Bay Mau coconut forest, Hoi An is a system of trenches, fortifications, obstructions, roads and fences built by our troops intermingled with bamboo spike fields and minefields to prevent the progress of the enemy into the liberated area. With a plot to destroy the base, the United States organized several attacks but failed. Hoi An Bay Mau Coconut forest still exists, becoming a shelter for refugees, preserving the revolutionary forces and a springboard for our troops to strike in Hoi An, making victories. During the wartime, people also remembered a glorious time by composing songs with the content of being proud of our victory and our effort.

Today, the coconut forest has grown to over 100 acres, deep bomb holes in the war have been filled by the growing strongly green coconut carpet. The battlefield in the past is now a new countryside painting of a peaceful village. The coconut trees having sheltered the troop in the past by the hands of hard-working, creative people become the materials for gardening, artifacts of interior decoration, or lovely souvenirs such as the coconut leaves hat, the coconut grasshoppers, the flower branches of water coconut, etc. for visitors. Along with that, the model of community tourism that brings guests to experience the life of coconut forests in Hoi An is also contributing to create jobs for many people.

Travel in Bay Mau Hoi An coconut forest

The coconut forests have a rich marine ecosystem, home to many valuable animals, especially shrimp, crabs, fish and other mollusks, and some kinds of birds. It also acts as a biofilter, helping to purify the water. Coming to the Bay Mau coconut forest eco-tourism, there will be a chance for you to enjoy the fresh air, and participate in many interesting activities such as:

– Traveling the coconut forest in Bay Mau by small boat, picking the coconut, watching the fishermen dancing and performing. Try to catch the crab or trying to catch the fish by the net as a real fisherman is also one of the most interesting activity.

– Based on the experience of the Bay Mau coconut forest tourism, you can visit the ecological sub-zones such as Tuan Lien (Hoi An Eco-Discovery), Khoa Tran (JackTran’s Eco-tours), etc. ,play folk games such as tug of war, monkey jump, dangling bags, blind man’s buff, cable skiing, canoeing, relaxing fishing on the cool shingle huts; cycling, or swaying in buffalo carts around the peaceful village, and so on.

– In addition, you can have an opportunities to farm with the farmers of Quang, riding buffalo for plowing, transplanting, picking, pounding rice, cook rice, grind the flour to make bread. You can also learn to cook rural dishes and enjoy the sea products as well.

* The price ticket of Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An is 30,000 VND per person including coconut forest tour, exploring the bamboo coconut production and fishing show.

Visiting Bay Mau coconut forest will be an interesting experience for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to take a tour of this famous destination.


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