Best coffee stores in Hanoi – the legend of Vietnam

one of best cafe in hanoi

If you want to see how much Hanoi has changed in the last few years, don’t forget to look through the coffee shops.

From the famous Vietnamese Affogato egg coffee, in recent years, coffee has emerged as an important business in Hanoi, people often just visit old cafes to taste the flavors like Dinh coffee or Giang coffee.

Until recently, customers began to have more needs than just the quality of the coffee cup: it was a beautiful view, friendly staff, good music, exquisite decoration. This, along with the impact of commercialization, poses a problem for coffee connoisseurs: where to find the best cup of coffee in Hanoi today?

Drew Coffee – A choice for egg coffee, a taste of Vietnam

best egg coffee in Hanoi

Egg coffee, according to the owner here describes, is a balance between the fat sweetness of eggs and the bitterness of coffee.

They said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Located on a road with lots of big cafes, Drew coffee is probably a bit small, mostly a pretty little kitchen with a space of about 10 coffee tables and chairs. However, the menu is definitely surprising you.

Drinks (including egg coffee and coconut coffee) here are not just a familiar, popular drink today. It is more than what it does, an improvement in things that people often care less about. These improvements stem from their own challenge: the owner, a native of Southern Vietnam has created a version of his own recipe, “We believe in our own drinks,” he repeated.

what to drink in Hanoi

And he is right. My coffee (of August) is brought with a depth and balance as he has expressed, totally worth it. In particular, Drew coffee surprised me with the style of making Vietnamese coffee, the type of coffee that I had never tasted before. Everything at Drew gives me a simple passion, dedication and love for a cup of Vietnamese coffee.

  1. Reng Reng Cafe – A peaceful little corner to enjoy your espresso

I always have a happy and sad feeling at the same time in the last few years, more than a hundred cafes that I have the opportunity to go through, mainly for young people, generations that are often interested in coffee photography rather than drinks they are going to enjoy. The idea of ​​specialty coffee is almost nonexistent in Hanoi.

best cafe in hanoi

Reng Reng Cafe, therefore, is called a fresh wind that opens a revival of a giant coffee culture. “Abandoned and unaffiliated”, that is how Nguyen Duy Bieu – Reng Reng’s owner thinks about the history of Vietnamese coffee, in the way they “mix coffee with corn, soybeans, caramel and fillers.”

For me, the taste of a cup of coffee from the Ba Na people is attractive enough to start a new day.

In Reng Reng, no wifi, no smoking, no loud sound and was reminded not to take a check-in photo High quality coffee is the only thing they serve. By using special “Arabica of Da Lat” coffees, the coffee is famous for its flavor from the central highlands, grown by Mr Can’s farm.

For me, the taste of a cup of coffee from the Ba Na people is attractive enough to start a new day. And when people come to Reng simply to drink coffee, you know that they have started enjoying life a little bit more.

  1. Haka Coffee – Where to study How to create a cup of fresh egg coffee

A wave of excitement in the current Hanoi coffee scene when Haka, a new cafe in the Old Quarter, joined the “third wave” of coffee. Some people may complain about its price (slightly higher than the current price average), but it is not merely a cup of coffee you are paying. It is the original, the process and the method that are clearly separated from a certain standard.

one of best cafe in hanoi

And if you are looking for another place to enjoy egg coffee, aside from Dinh or Giang cafe coffee, come to Haka and feel the difference between a freshly prepared method rather than a quick drink serving today.

  1. Kafeville – Learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee

Kafeville creates an intimate feeling of a cafe. Wifi, comfortable seats, chess tables and books can invite any traveler while walking in a small Old Town. The menu is mainly different types of coffee, showing the mere interest of its owner.

Here the barista works very busy – they can create a variety of coffee styles, from Chemex, V60 to Frenchpress or Aero-press, … and professionally produce perfect coffee shots from The imported types of coffee like Papa New of Guinea, Kenya or Rwanda…

They are also very willing to share the mixing technique and explain to you how to operate the mixing machines.

For me, a coffee drinker with no good reason, it was the absolute joy I received when I had to drive 30 minutes for Vietnamese coffee cup in Kafeville, not a rolling point. Smoking with tourists. And even more valuable is that this is a great jump in coffee quality.

  1. Oriberry – For best things

Gone are the days when the true coffee cafe was a cup of coffee and biscuits sold in charity events. To make a profit, they have to offer caffeine drinks that are good enough to compete with local businesses. Founded in 2010, Oribery was established as a social business organization, aimed at creating jobs and training for farmers and bringing their products to market.

Oriberry has 3 locations, but the cafe in Xuan Dieu Street offers views of the West Lake with the best view. Coffee here, especially Italian coffee is great, and so are their banana cakes and muffins.

  1. Maison De Tet Décor – A strange coffee roaster

At first glance, Maison De Tet Décor seems like a Western-style restaurant, from luxurious furniture to menus. But it also has a different trait and is different from dozens of Western-style restaurants in Hanoi, which provides coffee, but not just primarily on it.


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