Things to keep in mind when traveling to Hanoi

Local market in Hanoi

– In Hanoi there are many temples and pagodas, so you need to wear discreet costumes, not wearing short skirts, shorts … to sacred places or visit Uncle’s mausoleum.

– Hanoi old town is like a maze, coming here is best if you bring a tourist map.

– Sellers in Hanoi are sometimes difficult and not polite, so if you only intend to watch without buying, you should go in the afternoon. Because in the morning they abstain from buying without buying, they conceive that it is bad for the whole day.

When shopping at markets, you should pay the price. Do not pay too harshly, or just pay a price and go, it is best to pay the first time, then add up a little, even if you can’t buy the item, you should smile and thank the seller.

Tell them you want to go see more goods before deciding whether or not to buy.

– If you speak in a Southern accent, it is very easy for a “Southern” price. Like “give me a bowl of Pho”, the price will be higher with “give me a bowl of Pho”. Or the old motorcyclists will be grumpy … these are the real experiences that my friends in the South tell.

However, if you know in advance and consider it natural, it will be more comfortable. Keep smiling at them, don’t be so harsh!


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